by Nick Nassab

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Alibi was written, recorded, and mixed over many months in various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. I let the writing move slower than usual with this one, refraining from recording anything serious for the first 6 months. A good chunk of the tracks were put together in Burlingame at my buddy's house while he was away. I spent 5 days alone piecing it all together, truthfully unsure about the songs. During these few days I spent the afternoons playing in the downtown, performing at various public locations and one impromptu street fair. On the back end; the mixing and mastering process took months. I had to take a few weeks off midway through just to get away from the music and rest my ears. Ultimately, I condensed 30+ tracks into what is, Alibi.

The cover is an edited picture I took of a train by downtown Burlingame, CA.

Thank you to all who listen and relate to my music.

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released February 10, 2015



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Nick Nassab

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Track Name: Upside
Now with all the panic gone I wonder if the world
is still around to take my side on matters that were once
even with the fallacy that is my life? I hope not..

But it's no use, brushed it off on a photograph I never found
might as well be off on our blues, that's all I hear from you

Now with all the buzzing phones I wanna to be awake
long enough to hear the sounds of all that's been away
and every time you call me up I wonder what to say
I hope now you'll find

That it's on you, brushed me off when you found it hard to feign your mind
might as well be off and not new.. that's all I hear from you

I'm on the upside keep the lights dim
I'm in the context of things we'll never need again and
I am the cordless, you're the auto-feed
Living in the future, no things left unseen..
Track Name: Out of Touch
I'm around and I've gathered that your words a just a sound
that you hold in the back of your throat and make pretend
the world is fair and in the right tense
I'm around and I've gathered that my words are just as loud
as tow trucks, dragging you in flux and out of your head
the feeling's gone but it's not dead

I've been far away because it's not my day
They all call me out but they're not my crowd
They're way too out of touch

I'm around and I've gathered that I can't escape the clouds
in my bones, clandestine phone calls of common sense
the world's too wide to feel dismissed

Is there anything that I could of been in that box?
In that box made for us..
Track Name: Not My Life
Lost in wealth your heart is spelling a mess
Multiply the things we've said in spite

That's not my life..

Thought I'd find more than enough this time
Left to learn that all I've earned is not mine

Leaving on a jet plane bound for nowhere now
to escape the world I found..
Track Name: Alright
It's hard to find the reason why I feel so lost inside
and in my solace I take down my old pictures off the walls

If I try real hard I just might find that everything's alright

It's hard to find a job I'd like, a pay scale that makes sense
and in my progress she takes out all those things we left inside

She's gone phoney, am I wrong?
When I see her, she breaks down
So I tell her that I was wrong
Now I'm throwing out myself to make it work
I guess it could be worse..

It's hard to find the reason why I feel so stuck inside
and in my progress I take down all those pictures on my wall
Track Name: First of All
First of all, I find it hard to take my open mouth and start
some insane conversation with someone else
I think I know the feeling's mutual but in their careless monologue
I can't find a reason to care, and it makes me sad

In the shape of what we find when we wake to the afternoon
Hardly on the path to any righteous sigh I've used
I'm not waiting for my friends to separate and
I'm not thinking how my life is going to change..
It's never gonna change at all

Now we're off to find some way
to make the public stare and wave
but they can't find a reason to care, and it makes me sad

She calls me up on her cracked smartphone to tell me how
the world has grown in her fancy clothes and her untouched stove
Never gone a day without love..
Track Name: Unseen
Tell me when it gets to your head, colors never seen again
Bargain for a feeling that's gone, lifetimes left undone

I'm on the upside keep the lights dim
I'm in the context of things we'll never need again and
I am the cordless you're the auto-feed
Living in the future no things left unseen

Tell me how this sounds in your head
Details of your make pretend
Paint it with your finger and screen
Violets and the deeper greens

(when you're not around, I'm upside down)
(strolling bye on the outer lines)
Track Name: I'll Decide
I'll decide what's wrong or right
This one's stuck on a motor way, side by side with a fallacy
I'll decide what's yours or mine
This one's not gonna make it home, without a stop by the corner store

To get well, go on and get well, but make it quick
cause I'm not waiting for you to understand
that what we're waiting for is what you'd call an end

I'll decide when I'm in flight
Tumbling to the outer space, holding on by a substrate
Might as well let go for now just so we can erase the sounds
That we created on common ground

(get well) (you to understand)
Track Name: to the..
Track Name: ..Out Homes
Step outside the things I say, it's all my fault anyway
but I don't mind just to be fair, leave your tongue with your despair
Uneven hours on the unset couch represent the way I
feigned my love for those happy tunes
that you wrote when you were feeling so unglued
Hello how are you?

Step outside the things you say, you made it out and found a way
where I am lost and you are found
Temporary statement gone
Uneven hours on the global net
represent the way I wrote my heart on that billboard
then burned it up and used it for the warmth
Hello how's the floor?

Living in the out homes through the steps and the colored stones
through the cold with your quiet bones
alive in speech and sound
Lengthy intermission between the noon and half day
through the fumes of some hideaway, to the solace of your grounds

Follow me down, that's why, that's why I wanna be found
that's why, that's why I want it now..
Track Name: Flip Side
Catch you on the flip side upside down
Waiting for the day to break and be found
Steal it off the bed and take it off the counter
Loud and left for them

Her body is broken..
She says it's all my fault and how I'm missing out on love

Catch you on the flip side upside down
Born to be seismic and in town
Deaf because of them and sad because I found her
Now she's living in

A body that's broken..
She says it's all my fault and how I'm missing out on love..

I don't wanna know your place in this hell
usb chords connected to yourself
Tell me you're the only one not wrapped up and well..
Track Name: leaving..
Track Name: Jet Plane
Leaving on a jet plane now, I wanna get out
I thought about the things I've done, it brings me down

So I'm in flight, destination outta sight and in the gold
Tell the world my love is in the stones
Left with all I've known

Leaving on a jet plane now, I wanna be new
Thought about those times you said,
"It's no use"

I'll catch you on the flip side
I'll catch you in the storms
An alibi to be off and gone, off and gone..